ServCo Managem​ent, Inc.
​Secondary Market Servicing Company

Large Volume means Great Pricing!

This company was founded in January of 1996 after several years of research. The premise for developing the company was to form a Secondary Market Servicing Company for FSA Guaranteed Loans, USDA Guaranteed Loans or SBA Guaranteed Loans. Early on with our newness and small capital base, our primary concentration was in the Midwest region, running throughout the central United States. Today, we are contacted by brokers and investors from coast to coast. The company is experiencing the excitement of phenomenal growth and nation-wide interest.

We network the best lenders with the best buyers!

There are several advantages when selling loans through ServCo Management, Inc. Our qualified and professional staff is familiar with the national market and searches many locations for the best pricing of your product. We also have support staff that complete all transfer forms and assist in tracking payments throughout the life of the loan at no cost to you! This service is absolutely FREE! Your payments are sent only to our distribution department, not to many different other locations throughout the nation. There is always someone with which to assist you via telephone or email. We pride ourselves on fast and professional service.

If you are a Government Guaranteed loan originator, call (800)680-2980 for quotes and assistance in the secondary market workplace. We will make selling loans in to the secondary market a very comfortable experience for you.